Rainwater Harvesting Toolkit

Rainwater is free of harmful metals, minerals, and chemicals; thus creating a healthy water source. Rainwater harvesting is an inexpensive and sustainable water source for local communities. A person needs 5 Liters (L) of water per day for drinking and cooking. This info sheet explains how you can meet this daily water need for drinking and cooking through rainwater harvesting in San Miguel de Allende*. 

* Please note that this sheet is based on 70 year rainfall averages for the municipality of San Miguel de Allende only and is not meant to work for other regions. 

Why Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater is good for you!

  • Rainwater is free of fluoride, arsenic and other chemicals, heavy metals and harmful minerals. 
  • Harvesting rainwater gives YOU control over your own water supply. 
  • Rainwater harvesting lessens the pressure on our over-extracted aquifer. 


  • Rainwater is at risk for pathogens and/or bacterias. ALWAYS treat rainwater for biological contaminants before consuming. 
  • You can treat your water by boiling, solar disinfection (SODIS), ceramic water filters, and others. 

Rainwater Harvesting + Biological Treatment = Healthy/Safe Water