Rainwater Harvesting Manual: "Harvesting a Healthy Future"

In March 2017, Caminos de Agua wrote the first edition of our new rainwater harvesting manual, which focuses on the construction of a 12,000-liter ferro-cement cistern and some general rainwater harvesting concepts. The second edition, due out later this year, will expand the focus to various types of rainwater cisterns and systems.

Publishing for the first addition was made possible by SEMARNATFundación Río Arronte, El Maíz Más Pequeño A.C., Maestría en Gestión Integrada de Cuencas, and Sub-Cuenca Támbula-Picachos: Procesos de Adaptación.

You can read the manual online in the window below, or download it to your computer using the buttons at the bottom of the page: either in full quality or in 'web' quality (slightly lower resolution images, but a much smaller file size).