Join our New Campaign: 1 Million Liters of Safe Drinking Water in Mexico


We are launching a new campaign on GlobalGiving. Our previous campaign “Potable Water for 400 in Rural Mexico” surpassed our expectations – we built more than double rainwater harvesting systems than we originally planned. Our new “One Million Liters” campaign will build 85 large-scale rainwater harvesting systems and install a minimum of 250 ceramic water filters – providing more than 1,000 people with safe and healthy water for drinking and cooking. This comprehensive program provides technical trainings, water awareness education, water quality testing for local communities, and accompanying technical manuals and educational supplements.

Caminos de Agua is fortunate to partner with GlobalGiving, the largest global crowdfunding community to connect nonprofits, donors, and companies operating around the world. We began the partnership at the end of 2014 with the previous campaign which raised $24,350 through 332 donations. Through these donations, we built 49 rainwater harvesting systems. Additionally, we installed 225 ceramic water filters – with a combined capacity to treat 9.8 million liters of water over their lifetime.

A unique feature of GlobalGiving is their donation matching programs. We will receive additional funds for donations made on Giving Tuesday (Tuesday, November 28) and are inviting our supporters to become recurring monthly donors through the end of the year. GlobalGiving will match your first month donation if you are a new recurring donor on their platform!

Caminos de Agua is dedicated to meet the challenge of worsening water quality and access in the region. Our new campaign reflects this urgency and highlights the community collaborations that increase the impact of our organization’s actions.