Interactive Water Quality Map

CATIS Mexico, Brandeis University, and Ecosystem Science Partner to Create an Interactive Water Quality Map

Using water quality data dating back to 2012 and over 100 different testing sites within the Independence Watershed region, CATIS Mexico's intern from Brandeis University is creating an interactive map to better understand the quality of their nearest local well. We are currently working with Ecosystem Science to apply their previous research on the region in order to expand our data to cover a ten-year span. 

Simply searching an address will show all of the data points surrounding a local area. Data reflecting fluoride, arsenic, Nitrates, pH, well depth, and mercury are available for most testing sites. The interactive map will allow the user to select which measurement they would like to see reflected on the overall map, represented by a color gradient. Each data point can then be clicked on to reveal a table of all data points collected and the dates in which they were gathered. The interactive map will be made available to the public on the CATIS Mexico website as a tool for communities to use in whatever way they see fit. We hope to have the interactive map available in a few weeks, so stay tuned!