Our 2015 Year in Review

Thanks to people like you, in 2015 we were more effective than ever positively impacting lives in communities at risk surrounding San Miguel de Allende. Safe drinking water is now the norm in over 1,000 more homes and schools, thanks to our ceramic water filters that your donations help fund.

But “safe” water (i.e. free of pathogens) is not necessarily “healthy” water. Over-extraction by commercial agriculture has resulted in community water supplies that contain alarmingly high levels of minerals—with significant adverse health consequences.

Our Year in Review Report  tells the story of the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes to solve this daunting problem. In 2016 we’ll be rolling out the practical affordable solution that we’ve devised— to provide water that is both safe and healthy. With your continued help we can!

In this report you can read about:

  • Our innovative self-cleaning rainwater cisterns, now serving seven area communities that once suffered from limited water access.
  • Training and internship programs for engineers, development professionals and civic leaders, exponentially extending the reach of your donations.

But there is so much more to do! So many more homes, schools and communities that so desperately need the services we provide. In 2016 we’re rededicating ourselves to serve even more people in even more communities in the region.

With this rededication comes our new name —Caminos de Agua— and mission:

“Promoting healthier more prosperous lives through practical sustainable solutions, 
along the pathways that water travels through our lives and the planet.”

In 2016, we’ll be engaging as never before with the not-so-disadvantaged residents of San Miguel de Allende, through information campaigns, creative fundraising events, and other programs that generate greater awareness and expand our effectiveness.

Plus, we’ve added a blog to our website where you’ll soon find all our news. With stories about the communities we serve, updates on our training programs, technical innovations we’re translating into action, special events and more…