Shop Amazon, save, smile, and support CATIS!

Here’s an easy way to support CATIS Mexico.
When you shop at Amazon, you can designate 0.5% of purchase to go to AWARE.  Here’s how to do it.
    1.    Go to
    2.    Select “CATIS MEXICO” as the charity that you would like to support.
    3.    Then just shop at Amazon, by logging on to Note: You must log on to this site for the donation to be made.
We know our supporters are critical thinkers, so you may be asking: “Is there a catch?”
There are a few things to consider when using this program:

CATIS Mexico first and foremost supports small local businesses. This philosophy applies in our work here in Mexico and worldwide. When you can, we hope you choose locally owned. However, we realize that Amazon provides a very useful service and we are happy to see their choice to support non-profits. 
So, if you are buying from Amazon, please go through so that 0.5% of your purchase also supports a good cause. Remember that while you are choosing to support CATIS Mexico through this initiative it is not a tax deductible gift from you, but rather for Amazon (as designated by you.) Also please remember that this type of support is not the same as your regular tax deductible donation. (Case in point: A $50 purchase nets CATIS Mexico a $0.25 donation from AmazonSmiles. A $50 direct donation to the organization = $50). But if we are going to be purchasing from Amazon, we should take advantage of this generous initiative.

To donate directly to CATIS Mexico through PayPal: or write a check and mail it to: CATIS Mexico, 850 W. Adams St., Unit 6E, Chicago, IL 60607-3086 USA.