Water dilution

Rainwater is the best source of drinking water locally as it is not contaminated with toxic levels of arsenic and fluoride as well as sustainable water source that does not put added pressure on our already overexploited aquifer. But what if you don't have enough roof or storage space to harvest enough rainwater? Dilution could be the solution for you! This info sheet explains what dilution is and how to dilute your contaminated water source with rainwater to have drinking and cooking water with acceptable levels of arsenic and fluoride.

Why Water Dilution

Rainwater is the best drinking water. Use dilution only when you have limited rainwater or storage. 

  • Dilution decreases your arsenic and fluoride levels.
  • Mixing your current water source with harvested rainwater ensures that you will have more healthy water.

Good practices for water dilution

  • Make sure you always use YOUR own ratios, based on the quality of YOUR current water source. 
  • ALWAYS treat your diluted water for biological contaminants.