Labs for Bacteria Testing in San Miguel


Caminos de Agua has the capacity to test for bacteria, but we will only be willing to do this under very particular circumstances.

If you would like to test your water for bacteria, it may be easier to carry out this test with another laboratory in San Miguel that offers these services. Please see the list below for details of laboratories that we know of.

If, however, you would rather carry out testing with Caminos de Agua, then please complete our online form.

These laboratories can conduct tests for bacteria from any kind of sample (e.g. untreated tap water, water treated by your filtration system, etc.). They all require a fresh sample to be delivered to them in a sterile container, which they can provide to you.


CLÍNICOS de San Miguel

Location: Salida a Celaya 27, Centro (just south of the Hotel Real de Minas)
Phone: (415) 154-6380
Cost: MXN $ 384
Processing time: 10 days
Details: They can test for aerobic mesophiles, coliforms, fecal coliforms, fungi, and yeast. The sample is sent to a lab in Toluca for testing.


Laboratorio H+ San Miguel

Location: Libramiento Jose Manuel Zavala 12, Centro
Phone: (415) 152-5900
Cost: MXN $ 459
Processing time: 4-6 days
Details: They can test for all micro-bacteria and E. coli.


Laboratorio Medico del Chopo

Location: Libramiento José Manuel Zavala 165, La Luciérnaga (next-door to GNC)
Phone: (442) 245-0500
Cost: MXN $ 260
Processing time: 6 working days
Details: They can test for any type of bacteria, but not for parasites. Drop off the sample between 7-11 am, Monday-Thursday. Note where the sample was taken, the date the sample was taken, and the temperature if possible. The sample is sent to a lab in Mexico City for testing.